Come to the Campus Outreach Large group: CO dinners!

Every Thursday night at 7pm at the Hillel Center, 5717 Lindo Paseo.

Build friendships. Investigate Jesus together.

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Campus Outreach looks to do 4 things on the campus...

Explore Jesus:  

We believe the Jesus in the Bible is THE answer to everyone's deepest desires.  We also believe everyone is on a spiritual journey and is looking to investigate/grow in their faith.  We want to help make that happen.

Love the campus:  

We believe the we as a ministry are here to make the campus the best possible campus it can be.  We've been blessed, so we want to be a blessing.

Have fun:  

College should be fun. We want to create welcoming, fun, and exciting events around the campus where any student would feel welcome and have a good time.

Become leaders:  

College is the best time to grow vision on how you will make your life count.  We want to help in that process.