We are so excited to introduce you to the new members of our team for 2017-18

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A.J. Juarez (SDSU // Athletes)

I was raised in Corona, Ca then came to SDSU on an athletic scholarship to play football. After a career ending injury CO quickly became my first team and community. I came to faith my sophomore year on a Summer Leadership Project with CO and have been on fire ever since. After Graduating in May with a BS in Interdisciplinary studies I have decided to continue to serve the kingdom by investing in other college students, especially among the collegiate athletes specifically at SDSU

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Setara Nouri (SDSU)

I am currently a senior at San Diego State University and came to Christ during a CO New Year's Conference of junior year. During my first Leadership Project with CO, I was introduced to the missional aspect of my faith, and my heart to share the gift of God through Christ grew. I will be serving as a team-leader of the San Diego Leadership Project as well as an intern for Campus Outreach. I hope to invest in the lives of college students to deepen their walk with God. 

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Kyle Aaron (SDSU)

I came to college thinking that God was just there to lean on when I needed Him but He was not my main priority. I thought He was a distant God who was always taking care of me from a distance. I started to see how God cares for me through the relationships I built with the people from Campus Outreach and learned that He is relational and wants to be close with me. I learned that through putting my faith in Jesus, I could be made new and Jesus dying on the cross was Gods way of showing me He loved me unconditionally no matter what. That grace led me to have the desire to put my faith in Christ and follow Him.

Sean Wong (UCSD)

I am from Irvine, California and have been involved with Campus Outreach for the past 4 years.  I first heard the gospel at a Campus Outreach Ski Retreat my freshman year and saw my brokenness.  After a couple years of being mentored by Alan Yu and Sam Collins, I gave my life to Christ in February of 2015.  After college I decided to give up numerous opportunities to serve and make disciples on the college campus.  I hope one day to serve the Lord doing overseas missions. I see staff with Campus Outreach as an amazing opportunity to prepare me for my long term vision.

Joe Brigantino (UCSD)

I began my college career at SDSU living a fraternity life that quickly led me to asking questions about why I was given this life to live in the first place.  Shortly after I connected with some CO staff on campus and began asking questions about God. Later that year I found life through Jesus Christ. CO has been there for me since the beginning of my walk with Jesus and I'm excited to be able to be a resource for students in the same way.