If our mission is seen as our compass, our philosophy of ministry can be viewed as the pillars of our ministry. Every organization has structures that hold and distinguish the ministry from others within the broader Kingdom. While these pillars are significant, it is imperative that we remember that they aren’t the foundation. Christ alone is the foundation. Just like physical pillars are both visible and functional, our pillars are visible and help hold up the rest of the structure.

Our scope is the world /our base is the local church / our focus is the campus

We start with ministry on the college campus. Yet, unlike para-church or para-denominational college ministries, we are the ministry of a local church, with a view to local and global impact long-term through the local body of Christ.

We are a Gospel-Centered and Apostolic-Bent ministry (outward facing)

Campus Outreach seeks to be a Gospel centered ministry -meaning radical call to Christ, to repentance, to helping people live, breath, speak the gospel. Those who are impacted deeply within  by the gospel and radically sent out.

Catalytic events strategy that builds incarnationally. 

When we approach a campus, we look to take a relational, life-on-life approach. We primarily start with students in the main flow of campus. This usually means students without spiritual backgrounds. This is what we mean by ‘incarnational ministry’.  As the ministry grows, we build and utilize larger events that coincide with the campus calendar (summers, winter breaks, spring breaks, etc).  Catalytic Events are Mission Critical to our mission of building Christ-centered leaders. We build to and from these events back into our ministry. The synergy and symbiotic connection between these is a pillar of ministry for us.