When we think about 'passion', its the thing that moves us, that shapes everything we do, the why behind all the what and how. This is what we truly VALUE. it's what we hope bleeds out of us, if you were to cut us open! 

Our core value is the gospel of Jesus Christ. He changes and renews everything... 

The Gospel changes lives

We see this transformation through the scriptures that grow deep in both heart and mind.

We see this through personal sharing of Christ with others (building around the most needy on the campus; those who don't know Christ and His message). 

We see this through multiplying LIFE ON LIFE discipleship.


The Gospel changes campuses

We see this value through a movement focused on the college campus to make it a better place and a training context for more leaders.

We see this change through vital community that is both deeply committed to growth and outward facing.


The Gospel changes our city and beyond

We value mobilizing graduates into missional communities for social and cultural renewal starting with our city.

We value expansion to strategic hub-cities, campuses, and churches up the West Coast.