The details: 

When: October 7th-9th (leave Friday afternoon and return Sunday morning)

Where: Camp Cedar Glen, Julian, CA

How much: $30 (this covers travel, lodging, and meals)

What we'll be doing: So often life feels either one giant chase or a never ending series of smaller chases.  Chasing a boy, chasing success, chasing a dream, chasing a certain body image.  Join us for a ladies weekend away where we will pull away from the constant chase and learn about true rest while having tons of fun.



2:30pm Earliest group leaves from SDSU/PLNU/UCSD (specifics as to carpooling with be coordinated by campus.  Groups leaving later will also be coordinated by campus)

4-6pm Welcome/Get settled/Get to know you time

6pm Dinner

7:30pm Rally #1

9pm Bonfire/Game/Hangout time


8am: Breakfast

9:30am: Rally #2

10:30am-12pm: Outdoor activity

12-3pm: Free time/hiking/exploring Julian (Apple pie!)

3-5pm: Huge Game All Together!

5-6pm: Free time

6pm: Dinner

7pm: Third rally

8:30pm: Worship

9pm: Bonfire/game/hangout time


9am: Breakfast

10am: Discussion groups

12pm: Head back/grab lunch on the road

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