G’Joe AND AIMEE Joseph


G'Joe came to faith just before heading to Furman University, where he experienced firsthand how significant college can be for a relationship with God. After graduating, he worked for an engineering firm for three years until God called him to work full time with college ministry.

Aimee came to faith through the ministry of YoungLife at the end of high school. Upon heading to Presbyterian College, she became involved in the ministry of Campus Outreach.

After marrying Aimee and having their first two wild men, Tyus and Eli, God called them to start on the adventure of moving across the country to San Diego. Since then, they have had their third little man, Phin, and grown to love SoCal and the students across San Diego.

As a family, they can be found at soccer fields, basketball courts and coffee shops throughout San Diego. A trail of Nerf bullets and balls will likely lead you to their home!

contact tyler at tjarratt@cosandiego.org