Catalytic Events Catalyze Movements!

I realized there are hundreds of student believers around the country with the same faith struggles
— Bailey
New Year’s Conference helped me grow exponentially in my faith
— Nico
I grew so much closer to God than ever before!
— Sara
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“Even though I grew up in church, New Year’s Conference was the first time I saw hundreds of other college students, just like me, worshiping Jesus in a sincere way.

It was life changing to hear their struggles but look to Jesus for answers and for healing.

Over the course of five days, many of the barriers I came into conference with that kept me from having this same type of faith were slowly torn down and I gave my life to Christ. I am so grateful that I made the decision to go!”


New Year’s Conference is a huge piece of our discipleship process. It provides not just a powerful experience but an opportunity for students to see something radically different than what they are used to back on campus.

As you can imagine, the college campus can be a very hard place for a young believer. For many of our students, they are the only Christian in their fraternity, sorority, sports team, or dorm.

The chance to not only see but get to know hundreds of others college students just like them in similar situations can often times be the catalyst to surrender fully to christ or give them strength to go back and share their faith with others.

Please consider making this opportunity a reality for more students by providing a scholarship to attend the New Year’s Conference in Austin, TX. The entire cost for attending and travel is $400/student.