- About -

As the campus goes, so goes the culture

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Campus Outreach San Diego exists to change the world starting with the college campus

Campus Outreach San Diego exists to build Christ-centered leaders on the college campus through the local Church for the city of San Diego and the West Coast. We believe the college years are both crucial and strategic. Crucial in that during these years, students are asking questions about their identity, their purpose and the world. Strategic in that the campus is a launching pad into every arena of public life: medicine, family, the business sector and non-profit sectors and beyond. By spending intentional relational time getting to know students and meeting them where they are, we seek to help them explore the person of Jesus and the life and trajectory-changing truths of Christianity.


- Our Vision -

A Renewed San Diego

Out of the 200,000 plus college students in San Diego, many end up making San Diego home after graduation (for obvious reasons). Our vision is to see the city of San Diego radically transformed by the gospel and its implications. By reaching generation after generation of college students who will become future politicians, lawyers, neighbors, business owners and social workers, we believe the city of San Diego will be radically renewed for and by Christ.

College students today are a hungry group, full of passion, wisdom, hopes, energy, intelligence; a spiritual hunger with a spiritual aimlessness.
— Bill McCurrine, retired Federal Magistrate Judge and former COSD Board Chairman

- Our Mission -

Reach the next generation of leaders

Leaders are not born, they are made. The college campus attracts people from across racial, economic and cultural lines. These next generation leaders are malleable and shape-able. In a sense, they are like wet cement. By bringing together the truths of the gospel with leadership development in the context of a compelling community, we seek to reach, equip and launch future leaders who will in turn do the same.

There is no greater campus ministry than Campus Outreach. I appreciate everything that God is doing through CO. The reason I love Campus Outreach is they are committed to building leaders and laborers.
— Randy Pope, Perimeter Church

- Our Passion -

Lives changed by the gospel

We are compelled and animated in all that we do by one thing, or more specifically, one Person: Jesus Christ. Through His life, death and resurrection, Christ changed the fabric of all human history by opening a way back to God for fallen mankind. As those who have been marked and transformed by the gospel, we long to see the same passion take the primary place in the hearts of the next generation. Whether we are preparing the land, planting, watering or pruning, we know that God alone causes growth!