- Our Vision -

A Renewed San Diego

God’s vision for the world always included a wide scope and a narrow focus. For example, when God called Abraham and made a promise to be his God, his focus was one person and his family lineage; however, through this particular and poignant focus, God fully intended to bless the world.

Likewise, while our focus is most assuredly the college campus, our scope truly is a renewed San Diego and West Coast. While we spend our time inviting particular college students to renewal through the person of Jesus, we have as a greater scope the renewal of our city and beyond.

In their four (or more) years on the college campus, we believe God can set deep patterns of renewed identity, community and mission in the lives of the students we seek to reach. Such deep roots will set them up for marriages, careers and callings that grow into oaks of righteousness that will bless our city for the Lord’s splendor.

Kate Sessions is one of San Diego’s historical heroes. As a teacher turned horticulturist, Miss Sessions gave herself to the planting of scores of trees every year. While initially that may not sound like a lofty, long-lasting dream, her contagious vision completely changed the landscape of San Diego. Her passion for planting trees well and often transformed what was once an arid and mostly empty city park into the lush, treed urban oasis we know as Balboa Park.

What Kate Sessions did with trees, we seek to see God do with souls. May the city of San Diego be forever changed by the planting of gospel seeds on the surrounding campuses.