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We spend time on three campuses (UCSD, SDSU and Point Loma), but we see our movement as one city. Each campus its own strategy and calendar, tailor-made to meet the needs and nuances of its particular students. However, we love to see our three campuses connected in a larger vision to see the city changed by the gospel. By attending both campus-specific events and larger city-wide training times, you will begin to see the bigger story that God is writing right here in San Diego.


Our Campuses


- Point Loma -

Contact: Josh Bingham


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Contact: Ellis Hammond


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- University of California, San Diego -

Contact: Sam Collins


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Upcoming Campus Events

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- The Alpha Projects -

For many of us, ‘starting’ is the most challenging part of making a change or accomplishing anything significant. Whether this is a new life found following Christ or the beginning of the summer or a new vision for your life, the key factor is to start well!

Enter: the Alpha Project.

This summer Campus Outreach San Diego has developed a leader development intensive called the Alpha Project with the aim of establishing everyone in a great start to their relationship with God and their summers with a learning environment made to help you become the leader God has meant you to be. Students from SDSU, Point Loma, and UCSD will be coming together to learn more about their spiritual journeys, start their summers off well, and have a ton of fun too.


- Summer in the City -

Summer In The City is Campus Outreach San Diego’s program for you to stay connected with other students who are also staying in San Diego throughout their summer break. We will have a weekly gathering at Moniker Warehouse in downtown San Diego as well as multiple men’s and women’s Bible Studies going on throughout the summer for you to grow in your walk with Christ while you’re away from school.


Looking ahead…


- October 13, 2019 -

- November 8-10, 2019 -

- December 29, 2019 - January 2, 2020 -